Step 1Determine your down payment, closing costs, and NEW monthly payment. Start making that payment NOW into a savings account to make sure you can handle your future new payment.
Step 2What is the most important item you want your new home? Create a list and work your way down.
Step 3Work with a Buyer’s Agent who will represent you in the transaction. Don’t go it alone. Be represented. The Seller certainly is. Usually there is no cost to work with a Buyer’s Agent.
Step 4Write an Offer to Purchase and negotiate price & terms.
— Terms: Dates and contingencies to protect you (i.e.: Subject to obtaining financing or satisfactory home inspection, etc.).

— You will write an earnest deposit check (approximately $1,000). Money is held in an escrow account.
Step 5Conduct a Home Inspection with a professional home inspector
(Cost = $300 – $600).

— Takes up to three hours.

— Review the Home Inspection report and make sure this is still the property for you. Apply for a Mortgage .

— Both buyer and seller review the Purchase and Sale with their attorneys.

— Sign Purchase and Sale with deposit (usually 3-5% of the sales price)
Step 6Lender provides a Mortgage Commitment Letter. It may still contain stipulations before the lender will fund the loan.

Set up utilities for the day of the closing.
Step 7Do a final walkthrough the day before or the morning of the closing to make sure the house is in the same shape as it was when you put the offer in.

Deed gets recorded (“go on record”) at the Registry of Deeds, you receive the keys and take possession. Closings usually takes at least 1 hour.
*** Just a heads up – at some point in the home buying process, there will be a “hiccup”, something that happens that was not expected. Take a deep breath and it will get worked out.