Kathleen KeeganThank you for your interest in KKeegan Realty.

We are excited to meet you. To learn more about available opportunities at KKeegan Realty, please schedule a time to meet with the Broker and Owner, Kathleen Keegan, to see if you and KKeegan Realty are a good fit.

We invite you to discover KKeegan Realty by viewing our Mission Statement.

Humor is an important element of our everyday office at KKeegan Realty so, please enjoy a fun real estate joke.

Why KKeegan Realty is special?

  • 99% of other offices/agents do not offer our unique
    Staging Services
  • Use of staging inventory for your listings
  • Stage your listings as a team
  • High commission splits and low fees
  • Independent and autonomous, KKeegan Realty does not follow a “corporate” mindset
  • No desk duty
  • A fun, friendly, approachable team office environment.We are here for you when you need help, advice or even just need a sound board to bounce ideas off.
  • Broker freely shares her “secret sauce”