What is the KKeegan Realty Brand?
Positive energy, follow through, communication, warmth, caring, above and beyond customer service, thoughtful, think outside the box, guidance, resourceful, motivated, team player, and respectful.

Mission Statement for KKeegan Realty Agents:
  • To provide clients with excellent communication, honesty, expertise and enthusiasm
  • To work with enjoyable buyers and sellers
  • To respect and balance work and family time

Our agents agree to provide FABULOUS customer service by:

NUMBER ONE – Have a Positive Attitude
Start with an attitude that says, “I want to help you and, together, we will find a solution.” To summarize the book, The Secret, positive people attract positive people. Keep your “tuning fork” to positive.

Listen with Empathy
Put yourself in the client’s shoes. Buying and selling can be an emotional process. A great question to get the conversation going is “What are your concerns?”

Take Ownership
If you make a mistake, don’t make excuses. Apologize and take ownership for what happened.

Client Communication
Let the client know what you are doing throughout the process. Clients become frustrated when they don’t feel involved or uncertain as to what is happening.

Under Promise and Over Deliver
You’ll increase client retention when you deliver more than what is promised. If you say you’ll get back to a client in an hour, call them back in 45 minutes.

Ask for the Business
Let potential clients know you want their business. Don’t be afraid to ask for the business.

Understanding the Client
Start with asking clients lots of questions. What is important to them? What are their concerns?

Real Estate Knowledge
The best agents are the ones who have a firm understanding of what inventory is in your area, look at hot sheets daily, go to open houses, get as much training and as many designations as possible and ask lots of questions.

No Drama
The real estate industry can be stressful enough. Let’s keep drama out of the office.

We are a TEAM. Share, support, and be there for each other. Meet our agents >>

Marketing Yourself
Put together a 12-month marketing plan (i.e. – mailings, internet, website, networking groups, joining a committee).

This industry is about referrals and client retention. Always remember that the client is essentially your boss. Do you want to be HIRED or FIRED?

Reach out to Kathleen Keegan at 781.775.4670 to set up a time to meet and see if you and KKeegan Realty are a good fit.